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Kacip Fatimah also referred as Labisia Pumila

Kacip Fatimah also referred as Labisia Pumila  is a flowering herb that is native to Malaysian rainforests.  It is traditionally used to enhance vitality, regulate menstrual cycle, and improve female hormonal health. It is a  natural remedy for sexual enhancement.  It is consumed by mothers after childbirth to regain their strength and help to tone abdominal/vaginal muscles. It is also a natural relief for menopause and reduction in menopausal symptoms.



Advantages of  Bio Herbs  extract for  women

·         Youthfulness, Beauty & Vitality

·         Balances and harmonizes the female reproductive system to encourage healthy conception

·         Prevents cramping, water retention and irritability for those with painful periods

·         Supports healthy vaginal flora to prevent irritation and infections

·         Improves skin condition

·         Improves mood

·         Enhances libido, natural remedy for sexual enhancements

·         Improves quality of sleep

·         Overcomes constipation and restore damaged hair


Labisia Pumila or Kacip Fatima is used by the women natives in Malaysia as a post-partum care herb for its ability to contract the birth channel, firm abdominal muscles and breasts, and regain body strength after child birth.




Uses after child birth:


·         Natural toning and firming abdominal and vagina muscles

·         Regain strength and increase body energy

·         Overcome postnatal depression such as loss of interest in intimacy

·         Pre & post-menopausal Conditions

·         Natural relief for menopause and reduction in menopausal symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, depression, loss of sex drive & headache

·         Hydrates the skin keeping it young, supple and vibrant

·         Reverses urinary incontinence conditions of aging

·         Helps heal dry skin conditions, psoriasis, eczema etc.

·         Improves sleep



How Does Kacip Fatimah Work


Kacip Fatimah is loaded with phyto-estrogen (plant estrogens) and antioxidant properties. These two properties are known to play a role in preventing the occurrence of precancerous cells and stimulating tissues that are estrogens –stimulated. Naturally, a woman will experience vaginal relaxation problems whenever the levels of estrogens produced in her body drop down. In other words, estrogens is the female hormone that plays a role in maintaining muscle tone. It is also the hormone that makes women change from girls into women. Over time, the levels of this hormone can drop significantly hence robbing of the body a sufficient amount of estrogens that is needed to maintain muscle tone, particularly after giving birth several times.



LongPower kacip Fatimah

-100% herb extract

-Pure and natural

-High quality of standardized and purified

-Water soluble extract

-Freeze dried extract method



Caution:  Not suitable for pregnant women and during periods of menstruation.

Product Specification

Brand Name:               Dr’Secret Bio Herbs Coffee

Type:                           High Quality Instant Coffee

Taste:                            Neutral

Main Ingredients:       Coffee, Sugar, Non-dairy Creamer, Ginseng, Radix Angelicae                                             Sinensis, Jujube, Kacip Fatima…

Specification:              13g/pack, 6 packets / box

Usage:                                     2-3 days one pack each time, Dip it in one glass of 80-100ml hot water

Certification:               ISO, HACCP, GMP, Halal Standard

Place of Origin:            Malaysia

Storage:                       Please keep in cool and dry place

Shelf life:                     24 months

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